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Penguin Plush


San-X authorized & licensed. San-X character Sumikko Gurashi – Penguin plush. Come in different sizes. 6 characters are available.

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Literally Sumikkogurashi means ‘Corner Living’. All the cute little characters are super shy which is why they like to hide in the corner where they feel safe. They can be seen as a reflection of Japanese society, as many Japanese people can be very shy, so being in the corner of a place makes them feel more comfortable, because they get a feeling of security.Penguin -He seems to have lots of issues with his identity. He’s not sure if he is a penguin so he even puts a question mark behind his name and used to wear a plate on his head that made him look like a ‘Kappa’.

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15″ Large, 4″ Small, 9″ Medium


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