3Doodler CREATE

Doodling the Eiffel Tower with 3Doodler Create

Doodle with the 3Doodler Create

The 3 Doodler Create will let your imagination take shape. With control over speed and heat, the 3Doodler Create allows you finer control of your 3D printing designs. Templates are available for free online, allowing you to feed your creativity and inspiration. With plastics for every application, there isn’t any limit to what you can doodle.

Be sure to check out the accessories section as well! With the 3Doodler Jetpack you’ll be able to take your 3Doodler Create on the go; with the 3Doodler Pedal you’ll be able to doodle more comfortably by controlling the speed with your foot, allowing you to have better control of your doodling and letting you focus on the details.

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