Designed specifically for children, these headsets are durable and robust while still comfortable. With volume-limiting technology built in along with the ability to share with a friend, it’s no wonder these headphones are one of the most popular-selling sets on the market.

BuddyPhones for Sharing

For parents that have more than one child at home, and they have trouble sharing, BuddyPhones is an excellent solution allowing up to four kids to share one device.

Safe For Everyone

To prevent noise induced hearing loss and protect little music lovers’ ears, BuddyPhones are designed with a built-in, volume circuitry that caps the sound automatically at 85dB, the max level recommended by the WHO for children.

Super Durable

BuddyPhones are made for long days of eager playing and can handle (almost) everything thrown their way

Built-in Microphone

Perfect to use with interactive learning apps and ideal for little scholars to use for study time.

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