It’s the original hand-held 3D printing pen! Get the complete list of accessories, refills and the famous pens themselves right nere! For ages 9 and up, there’s a pen for everyone, including the soon-to-come 3Doodler Pro!!

3Doodler Create

The 3Doodler Create is great for your budding artists around the home. With the ability to use both PLA and BPA plastics, you’ll be busy for hours. The plastic extrudes at a 10:1 ratio, so a 10-inch strand of plastic becomes 100 inches of doodle in your hands! With changeable tips that include different widths and even different shapes, you are able to control how fast it extrudes, allowing you to doodle even longer and with more variety.

3Doodler Start

The 3Doodler Start is great for tiny hands. Designed to be easy to handle, it’s tip is covered in a safety device that will prevent burns to little, sensative hands. It extrudes plastic that isn’t as hot as the Create, which means it’s safe to touch as well. Combined with the doodleblock, this pen will feed imaginations for hours. Let your kid draw in the air and the sky is literally the only limit. Battery powered, it will probably last a lot longer than they do. It recharges with a simple and common USB cord, so you wont be fumbling around looking for a proprietary charger.

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